About Us

About Us

The Team Who
Has Your Back

The AC3E Energy Service team prides itself on getting the job done safely, efficiently, and professionally. Our team has the experience and know-how to solve even the most complicated jobs to get your facility back up and running. When you need a reliable, high-functioning team, no matter how dirty the job may be, know that you can count on us to see it through.

Brad Sylvester

Brad Sylvester

Our Journey


Excellence and Safety

AC3E continues to set the standard in the Southwest and beyond in the ability to tackle tough jobs, saving our clients money, manpower, and energy efficiency. Our team is prepared to take on just about any job¬¬ -- from deep coil cleaning to full cooling tower replacement. One thing that we continue to strive for is every job site completed! People are proud to say #AC3EWasHere.

Growth and Innovation

AC3E changed dramatically from 2010 to 2015 becoming much more well-rounded with solutions in a variety of aspects of HVAC services. The goal has become focusing on innovative, leading, quality products and services to offer our expanding customer base. This gave us an element of consultation to a variety of markets to provide real-world solutions to problems at their facilities. Our crew expanded, but our core remained the same which provided us the solid foundation and energetic company culture to lean on.

Finding Our Niche

In the first five years of being in business, many lessons were learned and the market had changed drastically with the housing crisis. We adapted to focus more on working with different markets and adding services to fulfill the needs of our customers. In 2009, we started work in the cooling tower industry and quickly learned that we could become a premier company in this field. Our customers continued to expand and the partner companies that we worked with were growing.
New Kids on the block

A Commitment to Customer Service

The focus in 2005 was to establish a foundation for a solid service-based business that had the ability to adapt and be flexible. We saw the hospitality market as one we could get a jump-start on with our mission and then expanded. The focus was always customer service and quality work-- two things we've never deviated from.